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  • Server maintenance over, but will continue on another day. 19.3.2017 22:13
  • There will be downtime this weekend as the base operating system of the server is being swapped. 17.3.2017 23:31 is a personal hobby website of Krister Eklund. It is intended to serve as a host site for my different free time projects. You can find me at:



Keittis is a cookbook program. With it, you can store, edit, categorize and print your recipes. Only available in Finnish at this time.

Profion is an artist name used by the webmaster. You can download dance music clips from the last decade here.

This page lists the live status information of the game servers hosted on Some of the game servers are free to join, others might require a password.

Here you will find maps for games. At the moment there are only some previews of a few upcoming Counter Strike Source maps.

Miscellaneous simple programs to download.